1. Took new pictures and got a new logo for my band.

    We’re featured on Kitsuné’s 10-year anniversary album with our track Future Waits, listen to it here:

    Our new EP is coming out soon as well, keep up to date with what’s going on here: http://facebook.com/mondeideal



  3. My living room at the moment.


  4. Diemme Roccia Leopard boots, Beams corduroy trousers, Ami coat.


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  6. mefjärd


  7. missoni x converse


  8. I remember your smile
    The smell of your skin
    The way that you walked
    And laughed

    And I remember our room
    And coming home to you
    I remember our room
    And you


  9. watch it unravel pulling everything apart


  10. Todays outfit.


  11. Our Legacy Splash Collection, floral print.


  12. Tricker’s for Paul & Friends



  14. M83


  15. barrybonds:

    can i live pet

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